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Special Car Free Day Offers

All who take the Car Free Day pledge will receive a $30 Nift Gift (neighborhood gift), a gift card app with $30 credit from our partners at Nift as a thank you for making a difference. After you take the free Car Free Day pledge, you’ll receive an email with the app link and promo code.  With Nift, discover great local businesses in neighborhoods where you live or work.

2020 Raffle Prizes (so far, more added every week!)

* When taking the pledge, please provide your full address to become eligible for a prize. You will not be placed onto a mailing list.


Information By Jurisdiction

District Of Columbia




Congratulations to the following people who were winners of the Car Free Day 2019 prize raffle!
Paula Acevedo
Deborah Allen
Kelley Amerson
Erin Ball
Cathleen Barry
Jewell Carroll
James DiLoreto
Benjamin Emmel
Brian Fry
Stacy futterer
Travis Gervais
Silas Grossberndt
Darryl Groves
Jeffrey Halick
Scott Harkins
Simone Howard
Louis Huzella
Alan Karickhoff
Luke Li
James Maltese
Shannon Marwitz
Scott Maxwell
Agnes Mazur
Larkin Mize
Chris Morere
Keshia Morris
denese neu
Berta Palm
Daniel Parker
Daphne Pavlis
Chad Ridder
Terri Riley
Brittany Scalise
Gary Sheppard
Brian Slawski
Brian Smith
Dan Solley
Michael Sparrow
Samantha Tadelman
Eliot Thomas
Annette Thomson
Rhonda Turner
Matt Welborn
Julie Zauzmer