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2018 Raffle Prizes (check back, we’ll be adding more)

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2018 Promotions 


Go Car Free or Car-Lite to these events occurring in September 2018


Virginians are trying transit and loving it!

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Congratulations to the following people who were winners of the Car Free Day 2016 prize raffle!

Joy Wolf, winner of the Car Free Day 2016 concert tix and backstage passes to the WMZQ Fall Fest at the meet and greet with country band A Thousand Horses.


Adrian Aguinaldo

Shaanna Alexander

Shannon Augustine

Cristina Bordeaux

Roselyn Calderon

Sumit Dalsania

Tori Garten

Laura Glockner

Sandy Gozzi

Laura Grageda


Barri Gurau

Samantha Herrell

William Ho

LaNita Jones

Tressa Joy

Elizabeth Kirkland

Anjali Kumar

Taiyabah Naeem

Lourdes Rivery

Mackenzie Schneider

Dionne Scott

Kallie Seniff

Keisha Smith

Yoshiko Teaford

Kristina Tipps

Jaime Umana

Robin Watkins

Camilla Williams

Renee Woody

Shutong Yang