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All who take the Car Free Day pledge will receive a $30 Nift Gift (neighborhood gift), a gift card app with $30 credit from our partners at Nift as a thank you for making a difference. After you take the free Car Free Day pledge, you’ll receive an email with the app link and promo code.  With Nift, discover great local businesses in neighborhoods where you live or work.


2019 Raffle Prizes

* When taking the pledge, please provide your full address to become eligible for a prize. You will not be placed onto a mailing list.

2019 Promotions 

  • City of Fairfax CUE buses will offer FREE RIDES for everyone from September 16-23 for Try Transit Week and Car Free Days.  CUE will award a City Swag Bag including a $50 SmarTrip card to a randomly selected local winner who takes the Car Free Day Pledge.


Go Car Free or Car-Lite to these events occurring during Car Free Days September 21-23, 2019

Virginians are trying transit and loving it!

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District Of Columbia




Congratulations to the following people who were winners of the Car Free Day 2018 prize raffle!


Tiffany Adams
Adrian Aguinaldo
Allison Bakovic
Abhishek Bansal
Yohannes Bennehoff
Zach Bernstein
Michael Bingham
Beth Campbell
Robert Davis
Fitzgerald Escalona


Kimba Green
Sofia Hassander
Myeong Jang
Robert Klein
Angela Lee
Barbara Libbin
Thandi Myeni
Marie-Paule Ngaleu
Aniko Noel
Carlos Ruiz


Scott Saxman

Ryan Sebastian
Alexander Segilola
Kayla Speedy
Kathy Stachkunas
Adam Weigel
David Wiskochil
Maryon Wood